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Truth from a Magician

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

August 4, 2016 | Kunal Newar

The truth: People know the truth. It would be foolish of me to think they are oblivious. But they enjoy it and the reason being completely different. The ball is in the performer’s court to captivate his audience.

As said by a famous magician, ‘The true state of an individual is astonishment’. Like a child, everything for the spectators is new and intriguing. Anything they touch, feel, smell and hear is like the first time. That, my friends, is the state of true amazement. Then comes curiosity. Even as adults, when we experience something completely new, our first reaction is a sense of  disbelief and amazement. And moments after curiosity kicks in,  we start to wonder how it’s done. So, when a magician performs the impossible feat, the audience experiences unguarded amazement like that of a child for fraction of a second. But gradually, reality kicks in and logic comes into play. This is exactly where the ball is thrown into the performer’s court. Time is of the essence here. Whether he allows the inquisitiveness of his audience or engages them long enough for them to forget about it and keep them wanting for more instead is the most dominant trick throughout. It’s like a trip to another universe where everything is possible. Twist the logic as some might say, in a way that logic is elusive. Despite, knowing full well that there is an explanation, people love witnessing miracles like in the movies. It is a break from reality and this is the reason why they enjoy it.

Now, the most crucial part through it all is the performer’s perception of his act. Does he believe that what he is doing  is real? It is no easy task  knowing how things work but that is where the real showmanship lies. As a performer, if I believe the table is really floating around, for some time, people will believe it. If I don’t, they wont. Engagement or connection with the audience is something most magicians lack. Do you know why? It is really simple.. The inability to believe and connect with their act. In fact, that, I consider to be the very first step. If I am making a card disappear, then I must believe that the card has disappeared. Only then,  will I be able to connect with the audience and make the moment worth their time.

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