"Oh my God!!! That was outstanding, superb, fab. You completely blew my mind."


Indian Supermodel, actress and a doctor

"It has been amazing to see him perform. What he did was absolutely stunning. He is a guy who is phenomenal. Such clean and inspiring acts."


Geo Lead, Talent Acquisition



"His level of performance is nothing less than that of International standards. I have seen David Blaine and Criss Angel perform and was taken aback by seeing the same level of performance right in front of me."


Executive Director, ROSHNI


Give your guests a treat of a lifetime. Witness India's Best Mentalist in Action.

Kunal presents incredible demonstrations of the Human Mind, Superhuman Mental abilities, Mind Reading, Power of Memory, Predictions added with a touch of Magic and Illusion. He is 'The Man who Knows'.  


Kunal's show is a completely interactive show which includes Mentalism, Mind Reading, Predictions, Magic, Mystery, Humor, Hypnosis and much more.

The audience is actively involved throughout the entire performance and will feel like the stars of the show. Show your clients and employees how important they are to you and make your event one they'll never forget!

the best mentalist in india

Kunal Newar is the Best Mentalist in India.

Ever since childhood, Kunal has always been interested in magic. Although in the beginning, he did not perform, he always used to enjoy the feeling of amazement that magic provides.

After a couple of years working as an Engineer, Kunal decided to pursue his dream and is now a full-time entertainer and has performed all across the Country for Corporates, Weddings, Private Gatherings, TV Shows, Colleges, etc.

He has now been amazing audiences with his mind-reading abilities & sleight of hands and minds.

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