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Kunal serves as a perfect icebreaker and conversation starter, mingling amongst your guests and absolutely blowing their minds. From revealing the name of their first crush to unlocking their locked cell phone, the impact of Kunal’s performance will stay with audience members for years to come! Your guests will be astounded by Kunal’s world-class mind reading and sleight-of-hand abilities and delighted by his sense of humor and charm. This is a terrific option for Corporate Entertainment, Cocktail Parties, Wedding Reception, and other casual environments to warm up a crowd.


Close-up magic is one of the best ways to entertain your guests during Mehendi Function, Reception and Cocktail Parties. Unlike a photo booth waiting for people to engage passively, a wedding magician is actively searching for groups of people to wow and create an unbelievable atmosphere. Its not just cheesy card tricks, ropes or birds but it is a mix of magic with mentalism, mind reading, hypnosis, and even telepathy so people can experience real magic. That way we can completely align with the meaning of a “magical wedding.” Also there are special acts reserved just for the Bride and the Groom!

Mentalist Kunal Newar


Celebrity Mentalist

Every gathering and event can be transformed into a celebration by having Kunal Newar mingle with your guests, present at the bar, or perform formal shows at an elegant table. Performing close-up magic for two to twenty guests at a time as they gather in groups or sit tableside will create unforgettable experiences at your event. This style of exquisite entertainment brings people together and creates bursts of laughter and applause. Magic is presented within inches of the spectator and in their own hands. Being this close to the action makes the experience personal, memorable, and a great icebreaker that keeps the audiences talking all night long.

Kunal’s explosive cocktail performances ensure that there’s only ever one word on everyone’s minds… awesome.

Magicians in Pune

Best Magician in Pune


Close-up magic is perfect for corporate events. It’s an interactive form of entertainment that will help eliminate those stuffy business vibes. Kunal's unique style of performing will create a sense of wonder among your Clients/Business Partners/Customers which will stay with them for a long time. Watching Magic is always entertaining but what if it happens up close right in your hands?

A perfect conversation starter which will continue even after the acts is over. 

It’s the ultimate icebreaker – there to create a common talking point that builds a buzz and transforms the atmosphere so it’s hyper-productive for your business.

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