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Give your guests a treat of their Lifetime with Kunal Newar (Corporate Entertainer and Mentalist) where he shows incredible demonstrations of the Human Mind, Superhuman Mental abilities, Mind Reading, Power of Memory, Predictions added with a touch of Magic and Illusions. He is the 'Man who Knows'. 


Slightly different from the regular Magician, Kunal has the ability to captivate his Audience by creating an Illusion of a Mental Phenomena with Psychological and Mind Reading Skills.


Integrating Magic with Mental Feats he creates moments of Awe and Surprise. 

Fitting in comedy and audience involvement, the show becomes a fun and light hearted entertainment for people of all ages.



About Kunal:


Ever since childhood, Kunal has always been interested in magic. Although in the beginning he did not perform, he always used to enjoy the feeling of amazement that magic provides.


At the age of 11, his father bought him his first magic kit and it was only then that he performed his first magic effect. Since then he used to perform small effects. But amidst his studies and completion, his passion was buried deep inside.


After completion of engineering, he went for a job in Pune. When his friends came to know about his passion, they started encouraging him. Fuelled by his ignited passion, he started performing for different occasions, parties and gathering.


After being deprived of magic once again because of his second job, he quit the job and started pursuing what he had been dreaming ever since his childhood, that is Magic.


Kunal Newar, is now a full fledged mentalist/magician and has performed for many events, corporate parties, institutions, schools, etc.

His specialty is providing an entertaining and .astonishing environment where he touches the fine line between Possibility and Impossibility.

Kunal has also given lectures on magic and motivating people who want to take a different path in life, based on his own experiences. 

He is a strong follower of the famous quote from a Poem by Robert Frost:

                                                                              Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

                                                                     I took the one less travelled by,

                                                                     And that has made all the difference.

He also does magic workshops where he teaches the art of magic to people of all ages and helps them boost confidence and develop personality.